Haas Student Researcher Appointed to California Energy Commission

Carla Peterman, a researcher at the Energy Institute at Haas, has been appointed to the California Energy Commission by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Peterman's 5-year appointment starts on March 1. Peterman, a PhD candidate in UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group, has been a graduate student researcher at the Energy Institute since 2006.

"Carla's exceptional research on solar photovoltaic markets and climate change as well as her broad knowledge of energy markets makes her an excellent choice as a commissioner at the primary state agency that oversees energy research and policy," says Haas Professor Severin Borenstein, co-director of the Energy Institute. "We know she will make a thoughtful and visionary commissioner."

The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. Its responsibilities include forecasting future energy needs, licensing large thermal power plants, setting appliance and building efficiency standards to promote energy efficiency; and providing incentives for renewable energy.