Haas Strengthens Faculty Roster by Hiring Nine New Professors

Nine stellar new professors will join the Haas School’s ladder-track faculty in fall 2012, reports Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Andrew Rose.

“We continue to hire at the very top of the faculty market. It is a part of what’s making us stronger and stronger. Great faculty attracts great students and great staff – a virtuous circle, and we are in it,” says Dean Lyons. “Prof. Rose was instrumental in finding and securing the best faculty talent for Haas.”

This talent includes former Harvard Professor Toby Stuart, who has joined Haas as professor and faculty director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship (more on this role will be available in an upcoming article). He has been a visiting professor at Haas for the past two years, teaching Entrepreneurship and Advanced Comparative Strategy at the MBA level, and Research in Macro-Organizational Behavior at the Ph.D. level.

Haas won out over several competing offers, including from some of its toughest competitors, according to Dean Lyons.

Professor Ross Levine from Brown University says he accepted his Haas offer because he was impressed with the school’s emphasis on excellence – in teaching, in mentoring students to reach their potential, and in conducting relevant, influential research. “I found the environment at Haas energizing and wanted to be a part of this outstanding institution, to contribute to its goals, and to benefit from the people at this marvelous institution.  I feel very fortunate to be here,” says Levine.

New faculty members include :

Professor Ross Levine
Willis H. Booth Chair in Banking and Finance
Economic Analysis and Policy (EAP) group
Former professor at Brown University
Ph.D. (Economics), University of California, Los Angeles
Currently: Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute
Research Focus: Financial sector regulations and the operation of financial systems; international finance including the causes and consequences of firms raising money in different countries; international monetary arrangements (such as the Eurozone) and international finance and aid agencies (such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc.); entrepreneurship such as the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Professor Toby Stuart
Professor and Leo Helzel Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (visiting at Haas since 2010)
Faculty Director, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship
Visiting at Haas since 2010
Management of Organizations (MORS) group
Former professor at Harvard Business School
Ph.D. (business administration), Stanford University/Graduate School of Business
Research Focus: Corporate strategy; entrepreneurship; innovation; social networks

Assistant Professor Brett Green
Visiting at Haas since 2011
Finance (FIN)
Former assistant professor at Northwestern University/Kellogg School of Management
Ph.D. (Economic Analysis and Policy), Stanford University/Graduate School of Business
Research Focus: information economics; dynamic games and contracting; mechanism design; sports economics 

Assistant Professor Alexander Nezlobin
Accounting (ACC)
Former assistant professor at New York University/Stern School of Business
Ph.D. (Business Administration), Stanford University/Graduate School of Business
Research Focus: accounting valuation theory; managerial performance measurement; profitability analysis; monopoly regulation

New Assistant Professors:
(Title becomes effective upon formal acceptance of dissertation by the university.)

Andreea Gorbatai
Management of Organizations (MORS)
Ph.D. candidate (Organizational Behavior/Sociology), Harvard University
Research Focus: organizational theory; collective production and innovation processes; online platform design and strategy; social networks

Jose A. Guajardo
Operations and Information Technology Management (OITM)
Ph.D. (Operations Management), University of Pennysylvania/Wharton School
Research Focus: service operations; supply chain management; operations/marketing interface; operations strategy; business analytics; applied econometrics; industrial organization

Yuichiro Kamada
Arriving at Haas 2013
Marketing (MKTG)
Currently: Postdoctural Associate, Yale University, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics
Ph.D. (Economics), Harvard University
Research Focus: game theory; political economy; market design; social network; decision theory

Sameer B. Srivastava
Management of Organizations (MORS)
Ph.D. (Sociology and Organizational Behavior/Sociology), Harvard University
Certificate of Distinction in Teaching from the Derek Bok Center, two-time recipient
2011 State Farm Doctoral Dissertation Award
Research Focus: dynamics of intra-organizational networks and their consequences for individual and organizational outcomes

Reed Walker
Arriving at Haas 2014
Business and Public Policy (BPP)
Currently: Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research, University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. (Economics), Columbia University
Research Focus: public and labor economics in the context of environmental and health policy such as social costs of environmental policy; environmental health disparities; policy influences on worker and firm behavior

Prof. Andy Rose