Haas Real Estate Professors Honored as Thought Leaders

Profs. Nancy Wallace and Dwight Jaffee, co-chairs of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, join an esteemed list of academic peers on HSH.com’s 2015 Standout Innovators and Thinkers list.

HSH.com reports the latest developments in the mortgage and housing markets and is cited by major news organizations such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, and CNN Money. See the list.

HSH stands for the company’s original owners’ names. Three partners with backgrounds in computers, engineering, and real estate founded HSH Associates in 1979. At the time, a combination of high interest rates and usury laws made mortgages difficult to obtain. Consequently, HSH Associates provided research about the availability and prices of mortgages for industry and consumers.

Wallace, the Lisle and Roslyn Payne Chair in Real Estate Capital Markets, also serves as chair of the Haas Real Estate Group. Wallace is currently developing the Real Estate and Financial Lab (REFM) at Berkeley-Haas. The lab will use big data sets from industry to study real estate finance trends and transactions and how they will impact future policy.

Jaffee, the Willis Booth Professor of Banking, Finance, and Real Estate, is a member of the Haas Finance and Real Estate groups. Jaffee whose expertise lies in insurance, banking, and mortgage banking has testified before the House Financial Services Committee about why the private market should replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. During the financial crisis, he authored an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal about how to privatize the mortgage market.