Haas Honors Staff Members for Embodying Defining Principles

Four members of the Haas School staff received outstanding staff awards April 21 in recognition of their outstanding performance and dedication that exemplifies the school's defining principles outlined in its new strategic plan.

The award winners, selected from 42 nominations, are:

  • Question the Status Quo: Kerrie Andow, manager of Haas Business Services. An employee at Haas since 2001, Andow was recognized for questioning ways of doing business and developing many new more efficient processes in the Business Services Department.
  • Confidence Without Attitude: Dayna Haugh, assistant director of the Center for Financial Reporting and Management. Haugh was credited with having confidence first and foremost because she is very capable, Dean Rich Lyons said. She was recognized for regularly challenging assumptions, asking questions, and continually challenging herself with new assignments during her 35 years at Haas.
  • Beyond Yourself: Miguel Rivas, a business and tech support analyst in Haas Enterprise Computing and Service Management. A Cal grad, Rivas was recognized for his willingness to go beyond his job and for providing tremendous support for students, faculty, and staff. His supervisor, Bryan Lin, also commented that Rivas made a seamless transition from supporting staff to supporting faculty during a department reorganization and has been praised by those he helps for his "excellent desk-side manner."
  • Question the Status Quo: Craig Kaufman, senior marketing and communications manager in Marketing and Communications. Kaufman, with Haas since 2006, was recognized for approaching his creative projects with the values of Haas front and center. He was praised as the go-to person for creative inspiration in Marketing and Communications by Executive Director Rich Kurovsky. "We're delighted we have the chance to work with someone as creative as Craig," Kurovsky said.

Each winner received a $400 gift card.

Dean Lyons and Haas Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Chizuk also thanked the entire Haas staff for their dedication and hard work during the past year, which they acknowledged was not easy due to the university's financial challenges.

Both also referred to the strategic plan and how important it is in setting the future direction of the school. Lyons read a letter from an alumnus who praised the defining principles as something even a graduate from 1959 could identify with. "The Haas kids have a certain style," the alumnus wrote.

But Lyons noted that strategy is less than half the battle; more important is execution. "We've got more work to do," Lyons said. "Let's keep the execution focus."