Gubernatorial Candidate and Former Haas Dean Tom Campbell to Speak, Nov. 4

California gubernatorial candidate and former Haas Dean Tom Campbell will return to Berkeley Nov. 4 to give a talk titled "Political Leadership in a World of Suspicion."

Campbell will speak to the Haas community from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4, in Andersen Auditorium as part of the Dean's Speaker Series. Registration for the event is required.

In his talk, Campbell will explore the many instances in which members of the public don't believe the stated reasons behind policy initiatives, thus undermining trust in the integrity of the political leaders. Campbell plans to cite such examples as the rationales for the war in Iraq and for staying in Afghanistan, the initiatives in California last May, the health care bill, and financial services regulation.

A former US congressman and California state senator representing the Santa Clara district in the South Bay, Campbell is now running for governor of California.

Campbell served as dean of the Haas School from 2002 to 2008; he took a one-year sabbatical during his tenure to serve as director of finance under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since stepping down as dean, he has remained a professor at the Haas School but took a leave to teach at the Chapman School of Law in Orange, Calif.

During Campbell's deanship, Haas expanded several academic programs, increased fundraising to record levels, improved its showing in several major business school rankings, and launched several initiatives in socially responsible business and nonprofit management.

Prior to joining the Haas School in 2002, Campbell was a law professor at Stanford University Law School for 19 years. He was elected five times to represent the Silicon Valley area of California in the US Congress. Campbell also was elected as a California state senator in 1993.

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