Full-time Berkeley MBA Program Jumps to #8 for ROI in Forbes

The Full-Time Berkeley MBA program moved up six spots to #8 on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Business Schools 2015.

The ranking is based on the five-year return on investment achieved by the classes of 2010—taking into account the opportunity costs of forgone salary, tuition, and required fees. For the full-time Berkeley program, the five-year ROI was $64,200.

The program was ranked #14 in 2013, the publication’s last ranking. Forbes has ranked the top MBA programs based on their ROI biennially since 1999.

“Despite the slow start to their post-MBA careers, the class of 2010 has rebounded well,” Forbes reports. “Total compensation is up 9.3% annually on average for the 2010 graduates of the top 25 U.S. business schools.”

Stanford topped the 2015 list of America’s best business schools. Forbes also ranked one- and two-year international programs, reported separately. All told, Forbes surveyed 17,400 alumni at 95 schools globally to gather five-year earnings data.

The rankings issue will be on newsstands on Friday.

There are many rankings of FTMBA programs, most of which measure a much wider set of attributes than Forbes. In U.S. News, for example, the Berkeley FTMBA program ranks #7. In the Financial Times it ranks among U.S. business schools at #7.