Former Michigan Governor and Leadership-Expert Husband to Teach at Berkeley

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, BA 84 (Poli. Sci. and French), and her husband, Daniel Mulhern, a leadership coach and author, will teach interdisciplinary courses on energy, leadership, state budgets, and the economy at UC Berkeley’s schools of law, business, and public policy. The academic appointments will begin this semester.

Mulhern will teach a course on leadership at the Haas School in fall 2011, as well as a course on gender, work, and leadership to be offered jointly by the Goldman School and Berkeley Law. Mulhern is the author of two books: Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics and Life (2007) and Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work (2010). He is also host of “Everyday Leadership,” a radio show on Michigan Talk Network.

Granholm, a Democrat who recently completed two terms as Michigan's first woman governor, will teach several courses and work closely with UC Berkeley’s think tanks on public policy, law, business, and the environment.

At the Goldman School of Public Policy this spring, Granholm will teach about state budgets, clean energy jobs, diversifying the economy, and leadership. In the fall, she will add a course on state budgeting and governing in times of fiscal crisis. As governor of Michigan, she led the state through a brutal economic downturn that stemmed from a meltdown in the automotive and manufacturing sector.

Granholm also is scheduled to speak in the campus’s Chevron Auditorium on March 2 at 6 p.m. on “Cracking the Code: Creating Jobs in America (in the wake of globalization).”

“Having Jennifer and Dan at Berkeley is a thrill for our community,” said Dean Rich Lyons. “The fit is perfect.”

Mulhern and Granholm are writing a book together on governing the toughest state in the country during a major economic meltdown, and what Michigan’s experience can mean for America.