Five questions with HBSA President Anna Shim, BS 22

Woman wearing white dress holds up cap
Haas Business Student Association President Anna Shim, BS 22. Photo courtesy of Anna Shim.

With graduation ahead Monday, we interviewed Haas Business School Association President Anna Shim, BS 22,  about her experiences at Berkeley Haas and where she plans to go next. 

Best memory from your time as an undergrad at Haas?

One of my best memories as a Haas undergrad was not related to recruiting, coffee chats, or classes, but a social event: 2018 Haas Winter Formal. I was extremely eager to meet fellow Haasies and attend this formal dance organized by Haas Business School Association (HBSA) at the SF Conservatory of Flowers. There was food, a dance floor, a photo booth, and more. My team and I organized a similar Haas spring formal this year, which was a fun way to celebrate the end of the semester!

Favorite place to get food around campus?

I’ve grown fond of many restaurants here during the past four years so it’s hard to choose. Some classics are Mezzo, Sliver, and Gypsy’s. Healthier options include Freshroll, Poke Parlor, and Berkeley Thai House. My favorites that are closer to downtown Berkeley are Imm Thai, Berkeley Social Club, and Marugame Udon.

What are you most proud of during your time here?

I am most proud of the myriad of experiences I had during my time at Berkeley and Haas. Whether it was studying abroad in London through the Global Management Program during fall semester of my freshman year, representing Haas in the National Diversity Case Competition at Indiana University, or serving as president of the Haas Business School Association, Haas has offered me many unique opportunities that I would not have otherwise.

What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome?

The most difficult challenge that I had to overcome and am still coping with is the sudden loss of my only brother (also a Cal alum) three months ago. I urgently went home in the middle of the semester to support my parents and am fortunately still graduating on time. Experiencing grief at a relatively young age has undoubtedly taught me many invaluable lessons, including gratitude, humility, and resilience.

Where will you live and work next?

I will be living in SoCal with my family and working as an M&A management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Los Angeles.