Fisher Center’s Linda Algazzali Receives Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award

Linda Algazzali, a senior financial and project analyst at the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, received the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award today (April 29) for her extraordinary leadership during a challenging period last year.

In the 21st annual ceremony, Algazzali shook hands with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau during the 21st annual ceremony for the awards Monday afternoon. She was one of 14 staffers and members of six teams at UC Berkeley to receive the award, which recognize staff members who not only do an excellent job but demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing to the campus community.

Algazzali was recognized for extraordinary leadership and adaptability in meeting multiple challenges resulting from the retirement, resignation, and loss of staff and faculty in 2011-2012. Her efforts were called "instrumental in getting the Fisher Center through a challenging period."

"Linda took on the responsibilities of multiple positions over our transition period and ensured that all of the needs of the Fisher Center were met," says Haas Professor Nancy Wallace, co-chair of the Fisher Center. "At the same time, she maintained a pleasant, optimistic, and constructive approach to the resulting changes."

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