Financial Engineering Students Create Scholarship in Memory of Classmate Arthur Qi

Students from the Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) Program and Executive Director Linda Kreitzman are creating a new scholarship in memory of classmate Arthur Qi. 

Qi passed away suddenly at the end of February, about two weeks before the program's March 16 graduation. 
The scholarship, to be overseen by a committee of five friends, will cover the cost of books for an MFE student every year, Kreitzman said at an emotional memorial for Qi Tuesday in the Wells Fargo Room that was attended by about 75 friends and classmates. 
"He was a dedicated, enthusiastic student, and he liked books since he was a child," Kreitzman said. 
Kreitzman and Dean Rich Lyons presented Qi's parents, Yangkang Qi and Qiufang Liu, with a framed diploma signed by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. "He earned this in every sense of the word," Lyons told the family. 
"I have always looked forward to everybody graduating so it's very difficult for me," Kreitzman added. She said Qi had a "goodness outside of this world." 
Qi's parents traveled to Berkeley from China with his girlfriend, Michelle Ye, this past weekend. Qi was their only child. 
Current MFE students and alumni, and a handful of undergrad and MBA students, have been raising funds to help Qi's family at this very difficult time. Several MFE students have been helping Qi's parents with translations and arrangements during their stay in Berkeley. 
At the memorial, friends remembered Qi as a wise, hard-working classmate who was passionate about learning and very close to his family, calling his mother in China every day. 
Classmate Jay Yang showed a video of Qi with friends, on vacations, and on his motorcycle. The folk song "He Was a Friend of Mine" played in the background. 
"This is a very sad moment for all of us," said friend and classmate Huaxin Lu. 
If you would like to contribute to the Arthur Qi Scholarship, please contact the MFE Office at (510) 642-4417. Checks should be made payable to the Financial Engineering Student Association with "Arthur's Fund" written in the memo.