Energy Institute to Honor Borenstein with Seminars

Haas alumni and energy professionals are invited to attend a day of seminars on everything energy—from electricity metering to the effects of fracking on local economies—on June 26 in the Wells Fargo Room.

Hosted by the Energy Institute at Haas, the seminars are part of the annual week-long “Energy Camp” at Berkeley-Haas, where energy economists will be gathering from around the country. The day of seminars is open to the public and will be held in honor of Haas Professor and outgoing Energy Institute Faculty Director Severin Borenstein.

The seminars aim to encourage and enable collaboration between researchers who are focused on pressing energy and environmental challenges. Topics to be represented include the potential for market manipulation in the California greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, the local effects of hydraulic fracturing, and the environmental impacts of algae biofuel.

June 26 will be specifically dedicated to a series of seminars showcasing work that has been influenced by Borenstein during his 20 years in a leadership position at the Energy Institute. The seminar day in Borenstein’s honor will culminate in an invitation-only dinner at the Shattuck Hotel to recognize his 20 years of leadership.

Borenstein is stepping down as the institute’s faculty director on June 30.  Associate Professor Lucas Davis will assume the role alongside Professor Catherine Wolfram, who has shared the role with Borenstein since 2009. Borenstein will remain an active member of the Energy Institute community. He plans to spend more time on energy economics research and participation in the policy process.

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