Berkeley-Haas Nobel Laureates Grace Bank of America Forum

A new collection of permanent banners honoring Berkeley's five Nobel Prize winners in economics is now hanging in the Bank of America Forum.

The banners, made of an aluminum composite material, honor the two professors from Haas and three professors from Berkeley's Economics Department who have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

From Haas, Professor Emeritus Oliver Wiliamson won the Nobel in 2009 and the late John C. Harsanyi won the prize in 1994. From the Economics Department, George Akerlof won the prize in 2001, Daniel McFadden won in 2000, and the late Gerard Debreu won in 1983.

Haas is planning an event this spring to officially unveil the new Nobel banners in the Bank of America Forum. They were designed by Debra Nichols Design and fabricated by Vomar Products. The project was conceived and organized by the Haas Marketing and Communications Office.

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