Berkeley Full-time MBA Ranks #8 in BusinessWeek

The Berkeley Full-time MBA Program ranked #8 in the U.S., up from #10 in the previous ranking, according to a report published in BusinessWeek on Thursday, Nov. 11.

Berkeley MBA students ranked their program #4 in student satisfaction, while recruiters ranked it #11. Haas faculty research ranked #5.

The Berkeley MBA Full-time Program got an A+ for career services, an A for analytical skills and for general management skills, and a B for teaching.

The ranking is based on a student-satisfaction poll of the class of 2010, the most recent graduating class (45%); a poll of corporate recruiters (45%); and a faculty research ranking (10%), which is based on the number of publications a school’s faculty published in 20 peer-reviewed journals selected by BusinessWeek. The letter grades are based on responses from the graduate and recruiter polls.

The full report is available on BusinessWeek.

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