Annual Big Give Online Fundraising Blitz to be Held Nov. 17

Ryan Murphy, BS 17
Olympic gold medal backstroker Ryan Murphy, BS 17, does his part for Big Give

Berkeley-Haas has high hopes of beating its 2015 results during the third annual Big Give fundraising campaign, which kicks off at 9 pm PST on Wednesday, Nov. 16, and runs through 9 pm PST on Thursday, Nov. 17.

This year’s campus-wide 24-hour Big Give fundraiser celebrates “The Berkeley Effect,” a nod to the Butterfly Effect, a theory that details the way that small changes to one part of a system can create an enormous change in an environment.

“If a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, just imagine how frequently the discoveries and activities happening at Berkeley-Haas are changing the world,” said Berkeley-Haas Dean Rich Lyons.

Last year, Haas raised $694,401 from 561 gifts during Big Give, the one day that the entire Haas community comes together to support the school.

Big Give includes competitions that foster friendly rivalry between UC Berkeley schools and departments based on the most money raised as well as highest participation rates. There is over $250,000 in prize money available and many contests will take place on social media throughout the day.

Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends can compete by posting creative photos—including pets and babies—on social media. Participants can take photos or write posts that tell what effect Berkeley-Haas has had on them or how they spread the Berkeley Effect into the world. (Remember to post all social media and shares using the #CalBigGive and #Haasome hashtags.)

Big Give contests include :

• Big Slice: Schools and programs that raise the most money during the Big Give get the biggest pieces of the pie.

• Big Bang: Schools and programs with the highest donor participation rate during the Big Give win big prizes.

• Big Countdown: Hour-long contests in a variety of categories.

Big Give social media information is available here:

Lyons noted that the Big Give is important because tuition covers only about half of the cost of running Berkeley-Haas. “The entire Haas campus that surrounds you was built with donations,” he said.  “If you believe that education, leadership, ideas, and values can have a positive impact on our society, then please join me and give back on November 17.”


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