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Akonkwa Mubagwa, MBA 21: Bringing Light to Africa & Haas Community

[email protected] is a student-run podcast that tells the stories of current MBA students.

Portrait: Akonkwa Mubagwa
Portrait: Akonkwa Mubagwa

[email protected] podcast host, Paulina Lee, speaks with Akonkwa Mubagwa an engineer, entrepreneur, musician, and student of life. Akonkwa was raised in Zimbabwe, the U.S., and Belgium, and has studied and lived in Paris and Switzerland before becoming a full-time MBA student. He is a two-time entrepreneur with a passion for the advancement of technology in Africa. Together with Wing Tse, he founded Winko Solar which aims to provide affordable solar energy and internet connectivity to rural villages in West Africa and the DR Congo. Akonkwa is Jacobs Fellow, a Maxwell Fellow, and a Belgian American Exchange Foundation Fellow.