82 Faculty Members Earn Entry to “Club Six”

Students gave 82 faculty members, or 55 percent of instructors, a mean teaching score of at least six on a seven-point scale during the spring semester.

The "Club Six" ranking is based on written evaluations from students in all degree programs. It is a key metric used by Haas to measure the teaching performance of its instructors.

Among the Club Six instructors, 11 faculty members, or 7 percent of all instructors during the spring semester, had means of 6.0 and above in multiple courses:

  • Ernesto Dal Bó (EWMBA, MBA)
  • Nancy Euske (MBA, UGBA)
  • Reza Moazzami (EWMBA, MBA)
  • Toby Stuart (DUAL, XMBA)
  • Terry Taylor (EWMBA, MBA)
  • Alexei Tchistyi (PHD, UG)
  • Paul Tiffany (MBA, XMBA)
  • David Vogel (EWMBA, MBA)
  • Johan Walden (EWMBA, MFE)
  • Nancy Wallace (DUAL, MBA)
  • Cort Worthington (EWMBA, UG)

For a comprehensive list of the Club 6 scores, click here (Haas login required).