81 Faculty Members Make “Club Six” for Strong Spring Teaching

More than half of the Haas School's instructors during the spring 2013 semester received mean teaching scores of at least six on a seven-point scale.

Students gave 81 faculty members, or 54 percent of the spring's 151 instructors, a mean teaching score of at least six. The "Club Six" ranking is based on written evaluations from students in all degree programs. It is a key metric used by Haas to measure the teaching performance of its instructors.

Five instructors earned mean scores of 7.0 from students: Falik William (Special Topics in Real Estate), Jim Wilcox (Financial Institutions and Markets), Patricia Dechow (Doctoral Seminar in Accounting), Sunil Dutta (Research Seminar in Accounting), and Alastair Lawrence (Research Seminar in Accounting).

Among the spring 2013 Club Six members, 17 instructors, or 11 percent of spring semester faculty, had means of at least 6.0 in multiple courses.

Faculty members who received special mention for making Club 6 in multiple degree programs during the spring semester were:

Wasim Azhar (EWMBA, FTMBA, UGBA)
Flavio Feferman (EWMBA/FTMBA, EWMBA)
Peter Goodson (EWMBA/MBA, FTMBA)
Alastair Lawrence (FTMBA/EWMBA, FTMBA, PHD)
Gustavo Manso (EWMBA/FTMBA, FTMBA)
Reza Moazzami (EWMBA, UG)
Minjung Park (FTMBA, PHD)
Christine Parlour (EWMBA, FTMBA, PHD, UG)
Holly Schroth (EWMBA, UG)
Sarah Tasker (EWMBA, FTMBA)
Suneel Udpa (EWMBA, FTMBA)
Lynn Upshaw (EWMBA, FTMBA)
Johan Walden (EWMBA, MFE)
Nancy Wallace (FTMBA, MFE)
James Wilcox (EWMBA, UG)

See a comprehensive list of the Club 6 scores (Haas password required)