March 29, 2017

News Releases

2013 Haas News Releases

Berkeley-Haas Names Douglas E. Goldman “Business Leader of the Year” (11/18/2013)

Berkeley-Haas to Boost its Efforts in Creating Social and Environmental Impact With Vibrant Hub for Research, Learning, and Practical Innovation (11/06/2013)

Socially Responsible Investing Research Finds CSR-Related Shareholder Wins Get Bottom Line Results (10/29/2013)

Berkeley-Haas & EmpoweredU to Launch Mobile Learning Platform (10/28/2013)

Berkeley-Haas Fraud and Misconduct Conference Convenes Multi-Disciplinary Research on Malfeasance in Business (10/21/2013)

Take the day to >play at UC Berkeley’s largest digital media and entertainment event. (10/17/2013)

Berkeley-Haas Celebrates Nomination of Business Professor Janet Yellen to Head Federal Reserve (10/09/2013)

Truth or Consequences? The Negative Results of Concealing Who You Really Are on the Job (10/07/2013)

Are You Hiring the Wrong Person? (07/25/2013)

MIT and UC Berkeley launch energy-efficiency research project (06/18/2013)

Making a Case for Transparent Corporate Accounting Information (06/14/2013)

Finance Prof. Martin Lettau Honored with 2013 AQR Insight Award (05/24/2013)

Bonuses for Doctors Pay Off for Patients (05/17/2013)

Derek Dean Becomes CEO of UC Berkeley’s Executive Education Program at Haas School of Business (05/02/2013)

Study Finds Corporate Accounting Earnings Data Relevant for Determining Value of the Aggregate Stock Market (04/05/2013)

Study Finds Successful Entrepreneurs Share a Common History of Getting in Trouble as Teenagers (03/04/2013)

UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford Join Forces To Help Commercialize University Innovations (02/22/2013)

Gov. Jerry Brown and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan to speak at the “Summit Meeting on the Future of Housing in California” (02/07/2013)

Haas Professors Teece, Gârleanu, Morse Honored for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Service (01/16/2013)

Finance Professor Ulrike Malmendier Receives 2013 Fischer Black Prize (01/08/2013)

2012 Haas News Releases

Tax Evasion in Greece: Billions Earned by High Income Professionals Go Untaxed (12/13/2012)

UC Berkeley’s 35th Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium to Focus on How the Current Economy and Political Landscape Impact the Domestic Real Estate Market (11/14/2012)

Criminal punishment and politics: Elected judges take tougher stance prior to elections (10/18/2012)

UC Berkeley study finds flirting can pay off for women (10/09/2012)

Organizational culture matters on the bottom line: Evidence from the high-tech industry (10/09/2012)

Winners of 2012 Moskowitz Prize for Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Study Announced (10/03/2012)


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