January 23, 2017

Classroom Upgrades on Target, Courtyard Delayed

The Cheit Hall classrooms will be cooling down as the fall semester is heating up.

The air-conditioning project for the Cheit Hall classrooms is underway and should be be completed by mid-October. Most of the work should be unobtrusive, as it is taking place at night and on the weekends.

"The most important factor in renovating the classrooms is to minimize disruptions to our students," says Dean Rich Lyons.

For that reason, another Haas project has been put on hold until the winter break between semesters. Dean Lyons decided to postpone the renovation of the Haas courtyard until December to minimize the impact on the student body.

"The demolition phase will be very noisy and disruptive, and we didn't want to risk conflicts with orientation and the start of the fall semester," says Lyons. "Our students' ability to concentrate and learn is our number-one concern."

With the project starting in mid-December, after finals, the contractor will be able to complete the noisy demolition while the students, faculty, and most staff are away on break. The new and improved courtyard, part of the school’s strategic plan to "Transform the Haas Campus,” will open after spring break. The goal of the renovation is to make the courtyard much more useable and inviting by creating new, larger spaces where students, faculty, staff, and visitors from across campus and beyond mingle, socialize, and share ideas. 

Updates and information on these projects will be available on the Haas School Strategic Plan website: haas.berkeley.edu/strategicplan/strategicfocus/transform/index.html

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